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Shaoxing training school is looking for English teachers

Province: Zhejiang浙江 City: Shaoxing绍兴
Category: Education
Degree required: Bachelor degree or above
Salary: 13-23k
Type of Job: Full-time
Posted Date: 2020-01-04


job content:
Working hours: 40 hours per week for office hours, 25 hours for lectures + 15 hours for classes
Student age: 3-15
Class size: 8-10 students
For non-native speakers, the maximum is 18k , depending on the situation of foreign teachers, within 23K + accommodation for native speakers.
Accommodation: apartment, broadband, pedestrian street nearby, all kinds of snacks, KFC, Steakhouse, pickled fish, convenient to eat, and you can take care of your friends at any time to help, water and electricity costs for your own meals.
Leave: two days a week, statutory holidays or compensatory holidays, 5 days a year with pay
Air ticket reimbursement: for more than six months of work, there are 5000 air ticket subsidies for family visits, and there is a renewal of bonus5000.

Visa application: provide working visa

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QQ  :  3051387476

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