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Beijing training school is looking for native English teachers

Province: City: 北京Beijing
Category: Education
Degree required: Bachelor degree or above
Salary: 13-30k
Type of Job: Full-time
Posted Date: 2020-01-10



Being an English teacher, you will:

Work for 40 hours per week; thereinto teaching hours should be at least 25 hours per week;

Go to work from 1:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m every day;  

Have 2-off day per week (often on Monday/Tuesday, or Tuesday/Wednesday);

Small size class, 8 students in maximum in every class;

Students aging from 6-18 years old;

Office hours except for teaching in-class courses and on-site courses.


We offer our full-time employees a great benefits package:

· Monthly salary ranging from 13k-30k RMB depending on qualification, diploma, educational background, work experience etc.

· Accumulated 10-days sick leave for one-year contract employee;

· Local government’s social insurance for one-year contract employee;

· Monthly Rental subsidy(1k-5,kRMB)for one-year contract employee;

· Round-trip tickets reimbursement for one-year contract employee;

· Free work visa application for one-year contract employee;

· Recommendation letter for you to join the language program at Peking University for one-year contract employee.

· Participate the study-tour twice a year for one-year contract employee

· 10 days of paid vacation if you work more than 7 months;

· Perks/stipends for an outdoor program if you work more than 3 months; 

· Female’s leave (half day per month) if you work more than 3 months ;

· Four Chinese classes per week;

· One Chinese film per month and Chinese Salon;

Chinese teachers from Peking University. 

E-mail :
TEL/WeChat :15376830287
QQ: 3051387476

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