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Hello, Everyone. I am an ESL Job  Agent --Julie  in China . I have been working in this area  for many years, and I am familiar with working  visa business .  I have helped many foreigners to find suitable jobs and became good friends with them.  Our company has covered a wide range of fields for the past ten years.There are not only kindergartens, public schools, private schools, adult and child training institutions all around China , but also many universities, which have always been our partners.We have regular contracts with our schools, so don't have to worry about the reputation of our schools.

   Native English speakers from USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand ,Jamaica, South Africa , or Non-native English speakers(with a good , clear accent ) from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Ukraine, Russia, France, Morocco   ,  Pls feel free to contact me .and I will do my best (free of charge) to help you find a good job in China.   

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Wechat ID:  18063581086

QQ:   1956134891

SKYPE: teslteachersrecruiting

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